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A regular pub quiz can liven up an otherwise dull and quiet evening, bring in new business and increase your profit!!!

Compiling a quality pub quiz can take some time; you need to research every quiz question and then double check them for accuracy. We have done all the hard work to provide you with quality pub quizzes, well balanced with easy, medium and hard quiz questions so that every member of a team can contribute and have fun.

Our pub quizzes are throughly researched and quality-checked for accuracy and provide a broad range of quiz questions to suit all pub-going ages and tastes. Each pub quiz consists of 6 themed rounds of 10 questions each, including a picture round.

The Quiz Wenches have been running pub quizzes for over six years and all our quiz questions have been tried and tested on a live audience.

Free Stuff

You can download our answer sheet template and score sheet template for free as well as a complete free pub quiz to get you started.

Extra Stuff

If you would like to add extra rounds to your quizzes, why not consider a music intro round. We have lists for sale of tried and tested music intro songs for you to source yourself.

We also have pub quiz tiebreaker questions for sale for your end-of-quiz or spot prize tiebreaker situations.

The Quiz Wenches can now offer to host a corprorate quiz event in Newbury and the surrounding area. Contact us for details.

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